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This is a BRAND NEW Method for earning over $150 per day with CPA, using 100% FREE (super high quality) *warm* traffic!

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Frontend Offer. The main offer is a proven method for making money with CPA offers using free traffic.

Upsell 1. “Done for you campaigns.” As we all know, done for you campaigns provide the most value for customers. As we’re going to give them a business in a box here in this last upsell. We’ll give them 5 proven to convert campaigns.

Downsell 1. Similar offer as upsell 1, however we’ll give customers 2 “done for you campaigns” rather then 5 campaigns.

Upsell 2. In this upsell we’ll go over more apps to get traffic from that will take this method to the next level.

Downsell 2. Similar offer as upsell 2, HOWEVER, we’ll remove some of the the traffic methods.

Upsell 3. 30 days of personal mentoring to help one on one with the system.

Downsell 3. 30 days of personal mentoring to help one on one with the system.

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[GET] WP Link Shield 2.0 Review – Download

IMPORTANT – Almost ALL Link Cloakers BREAK Mobile Sites

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Important… a Major bug has been just found in almost ALL link cloakers… they break responsive sites!

WP Linkshield found that EVERY single link cloaker tested broke responsive sites…

No Joke!… & considering that 60% of us use mobile devices nowadays … that’s a HUGE problem & a huge amount of profit lost.

If you’re not cloaking links you are not safe either , you are leaving up to 30% of sales on the table through, affiliate theft, browser switching & social blocking…

See the proof for yourself…

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Before I explain that I need to explain cloaking modes…

There are 2 main cloaking modes –

  1. REDIRECT CLOAKING – this is most common type – you get a new URL & it redirects to the original URL – problem here is… this doesn’t hide your affiliate ID & you lose money if the user switches browsers or shares the raw link
  2. IFRAME CLOAKING – with this method the URL never changes & the destination page is loaded in an IFRAME – so your affiliate ID is never exposed & you don’t lose money through browser switching… Iframing is great for affiliates as you can overlay messages, you can kick exit pops – it gives you a lot more control & reduced commission losses. However the vendors of cloaking tools have never looked at what happens when users open responsive sites in iframe mode – the answer is RESPONSIVE SITES BREAK!

This boils down to BAD CODING …

WP Link Shield 2.0 protects your affiliate links, makes your links look natural, allows you to post them socially with full metas & maximizes your affiliate income – a no brainer for ALL affiliate marketers

Right now you get 62% OFF the full price + you get free lifetime upgrades

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[GET] Anniversary PLR Firesale Review – Download

Everything must go! Save big on high-quality PLR

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As the year comes to a close, I’m excited to announce the upcoming launch of one of the biggest PLR Firesales of the year.

Of course, I know when you think about PLR and Firesales, you’re probably imagining low-quality PLR products that will just end up sitting on your hard drive gathering dust…

That’s not the case here.

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Sajan and Justin are back again, and they’re offering 5 of their most popular, highest converting PLR bundles at a MASSIVE discount…

Mark your calendar, set your timers… whatever you need to do, just make sure you get on this tomorrow, because you’ll be able to get 5 of their best-selling PLR “Businesses in a Box” for less than you’d normally spend on just ONE…

The doors officially open at 11am Eastern, but they are offering early-bird access for anyone with an email invite, so I’ll make sure to send you a link tomorrow as soon as the early-bird doors open at 9am…

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PS – If you haven’t picked up PLR from Justin and Sajan before, you’ll be blown away by the quality… Not only do you get a great product, but you’ll also get EVERYTHING you need to start selling it right away… sales copy, professional design… you name it!

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Why Selling Physical Products Is The Best Online Method For 2016…

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Lenin Makes $200,000 Per Month Working Less Than 30 Minutes Per Day And Doesn’t Deal With ANY Product Fulfillment:

  • He starts his day whenever he wants
  • Checks his stats
  • Sends out a few emails
  • …and gets results like this…

The Azon Profit Code

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A virtually passive way to get paid $1,134 a week

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Looking for a virtually passive way to make $1000 or more every week by publishing short and easy to create videos?

If so you’ll want to spend 5 minutes watching this video from Theo McArthur

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Around 17 minutes a day is all you need and you don’t even need to do it every day…every second day is enough!

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[GET] Video Ads Genius Review – Download

Here, take this unfair advantage..

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My mom grew up when the USSR was still a thing.

She told me stories about how, at every Olympics Games, their teams would win almost every single medal, in almost every single sport.

Why? Because their athletes were buffed on steroids..

The others played by the rules, but not the soviets.

They had what is called an unfair advantage.

If you ask around, you’ll find many people that will say that it is unethical, in opposition with the spirit of the sport, shameful, etc..

But they still won.

When it comes to driving CONVERTING traffic to your offers, the competition can be so tough and if you bypass the other million marketers waiting in line, it will STILL cost you an arm and a leg.

Meaning: even if you try your best and darnest, you are still NOT guaranteed to make a profit.

If I offered you an unfair advantage, would you take it ?

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To be honest, this isn’t technically ‘unfair’, as you will still be playing by the rules BUT it certainly feels unfair to get red-hot targeted traffic for around a penny a click.

Howard Lynch has just come out with a new product called ‘Video Ads Genius’, which will take you by the hand and show you exactly how you can setup your very own unfair advantage..

Right now, it is being offered for a ridiculous LOW PRICE, and it is going to go up very soon.

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